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June 1, 2020

Will a Recession Affect Buying Prescott Homes

The Prescott housing market and the economy are intrinsically linked- if one crashes or rises, it affects the other. However, as America enters another recession, many Prescott homebuyers are worried about the fate of their plans, "will a recession affect buying Prescott home?" Buyers (mostly) needn’t worry, a recession will bring a relatively low risk to homebuyers in our oasis.


Define Recession


Much like the Great Recession of 2007-2009, a recession is considered a “downturn” in the economy for a minimum of six continuous months. During a recession, jobs are affected via trade and industry, taking a big hit along with the GDP.


Is a Housing Collapse on the Horizon


No one person can say for sure what exactly will happen in the coming months and years, especially with America still in the throes of the COVID-19 Pandemic. A recession will slow things in the housing market down considerably. Still, it will also offer Prescott homebuyers unique and unmatched opportunities to purchase a house in Prescott as prices drop.


Stay Informed


The best course of action for those looking to buy a home for sale in Prescott is to stay informed, keep an eye on the market, and consult professionals to help to make tough decisions. If you are looking to buy one of the Prescott homes and would like a recommendation on professionals in the area, please reach out and we’ll be happy to help.

May 11, 2020

DIY- Painting the Interior of Your Prescott Home

As we’ve been safe inside our homes for the past couple of months, many of us have been dancing around beginning home projects. If you’re looking to start a DIY paint job for your Prescott home, we have a couple of tips. Remember the importance of patience, don’t rush this big job out of boredom- plan, plan, plan!


Measure Twice, Paint Once


Measure every part of the room you’re transforming before you purchase the paint; this means baseboards, doors, the ceiling, and the area of the walls. An average can of paint covers about 40 square feet, so before you buy too little and have two slightly different colors, measure everything to the best of your abilities. Amid the pandemic, it’s also imperative we’re socially distancing and doing our part to stop the spread. Planning to a T and knowing exactly the materials you’ll need to buy before you make your trip can really save you a headache.


Prep and Paint in Order


Cleaning everything, every wall, floorboard, the ceiling, windows, etc., really has an impact on the efficiency of your paint job. Now is an excellent time to wash with soap and water, dust, spackle, remove socket panels, and prime the walls. Once you’re ready to paint, begin in an order that makes sense to you. If you’re completely redoing the room, floor to ceiling, start with the baseboards, windows and door frames, then the ceiling. Once your coats have effectively dried, tape up, and start on the main focus- the walls.


Tape, Tape, Tape


Knowing when to tape off the baseboards is critical as you don’t want to have dewy paint that will come off entirely, smear, or become textured. Once dry, using a utility knife at a 45-degree angle to flatten the tape evenly creates beautiful, crisp lines.


Go Forth and Paint


Painting your Prescott home can be a fun family project, or something done in solace while listening to a podcast. Whatever route you’re choosing to execute, remember that it takes time to prepare properly and is not something to be completed in an afternoon. If you would like recommendations of local Prescott contractors or painters, please reach out, and we’ll be happy to assist.

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May 7, 2020

Reopening Prescott with Continued Social Distancing

As the government begins the first phases of reopening places like parks, restaurants, and salons, those who choose to visit must be sure to comply with the latest safety standards. While all of the world is itching to get back to “normal,” we need to stay healthy and united as communities, keeping ourselves, and in doing so, one another safe from a COVID-19 relapse.


Social Distancing is Still Key


As we re-introduce our places in the world, we need to inch out of our homes, maintaining a safe distance of six-feet from one another. Just like at most grocery stores, establishments may have tape spaced out on the ground outlining where customers need to be standing. If the store you’re in doesn’t have a visual guideline for you, imagine your arms outstretched on either side of you as an approximation.


Tailored Options


Another part of social distancing is trying to avoid crowds entirely. If you can dodge the rush by going out at a specific time of day or night, making that work for your schedule is paramount. Many restaurants are also offering curbside pickup and delivery, both excellent options that feature minimal face-to-face interactions.


Prescott Real Estate Concerns


Eventually, open houses will be popping up again, and, along with typical social distancing cues, homeowners can help keep the air fresh by leaving doors and windows open before, during, and for an hour after the open house. Other market tendencies like showings, meetings, and contract signings may still be done virtually, but if completed in person, remember to avoid handshaking and bring a pen from home.


Improving Your Space


Once all of the DIY projects have been conquered, some may find it time to bring in the big guns by hiring a contracting company for work around the house. There’s no better time to hire a local company for a big job, but as you move forward with plans, keep distance between the contractors and your household until we’re entirely in the clear with the virus.


Move Freely with Compassion and Safety


We are all so enthralled to finally be stepping out of our houses for the first time in months. Notice Spring by smelling the flowers in bloom, watch the natural life around you, and breathe in that all-healing fresh air. As long as we are as safe as possible, following the latest guidelines from the CDC, WHO, and other credible sources, we can hope to enjoy the rest of 2020. If you have any questions regarding the Prescott community as it reopens, please reach out to us.

April 27, 2020

Prescott Real Estate Meets Social Distancing


Living in these unprecedented times throughout the first half of 2020 has proved to be challenging with obstacles and unforeseen issues popping up frequently. Some of the ways people weren’t expecting to be affected by COVID-19 were by being ready to buy or sell their Prescott home. While traditional procedures are being put on hold, the real estate market is adaptable, and companies, realtors, and buyers and sellers can all learn about these ways that the Prescott real estate market is adhering to social distancing standards.


Shopping Virtually 


Luckily the lockdown is happening in an age where we have the type of technology to keep us connected and up to date. Homebuyers looking for homes in Prescott can usually shop online with information, photos, videos, and even virtual tours of available houses. Buyers and sellers can conduct conferences with agents to learn more about the property as well as any new leads.


For Now, Less is More


Avoiding open houses is definitely the way to go in the pandemic, however, sellers/agents can set up Zoom meetings with invites to prospective buyers to act as an “open house.” If all parties see fit, one-on-one sessions can be set up for serious steps forward in the process.


Keeping Our Distance 


If you are able to work out an in-person meeting for a house, remember to continue to follow social distancing rules. Party members should still stay six feet apart, avoid usual greetings like handshaking, and note that most of the meeting is likely to take place outside in the open, clean air. When the time comes to close the deal, much of the process can and should be done virtually during this time. At most, some of the signatures that need to be collected can be done in person, with each person using their own personal pen as to keep germs at bay. If you are interested in selling or buying one of the homes in Prescott, Arizona, please reach out to us. Be patient during this time and do your part in social distancing. 

April 23, 2020

Honing Your Routine During Isolation in Prescott


Remaining isolated in our Prescott homes in Arizona during the COVID-19 pandemic can feel suffocating if we don’t try to persevere with organization and application of a workable routine. While acknowledging the emotional strains that are felt staying at home and social distancing, it’s imperative to remember that we are doing the right thing for the good of our communities and our country to stop the spread of the virus. To alleviate some of the stress and anxiety that come with being alone, consumed by your thoughts 24/7, here are some of our tips for honing your routine during isolation in Prescott.


Check it Off


Curating a list of your daily and weekly chores, to-dos, reminders, and activities allows for order and the feeling of accomplishment in a haze of “Groundhog Day” weeks. Many list makers even find themselves writing down simple tasks like “unload the dishwasher,” which can usually be done in a matter of minutes; crossing items off your to-do list uplifts spirits and feels encouraging no matter how small the chore.


Let’s Get (and Stay) Physical


Getting out of the house is vital at any point throughout the year but is especially essential during the quarantine. While we can’t get in our cars and head to the mall or the gym, we can go for walks, bike rides, and hikes in some areas; however, it’s morally and physically important to remember to stay at least six feet away from neighbors or people who don’t live in your household who may also be enjoying the beautiful weather. If you have the space, be it a patio or a backyard, meditating and doing daily stretches, following a virtual yoga class, or reading a chapter from a good book are other options for enjoying the sunlight.


Stick to the Plan


One of the best ways to focus on getting your work or hobbies done during the lockdown (or anytime working from home) is to avoid distractions at all costs. Create office hours for yourself and make your housemates aware of when they are either by word of mouth, use of a whiteboard, or text. Set your phone aside, put it on airplane mode if you can get away with it, and try to clear your head of the endless crowding thoughts. It is also important to get up and walk around every half-hour or so if you can, taking short breaks often leads to higher productivity.


Keeping up With Your Well Being


In maintaining your daily routine, you help yourself by maintaining your mental health. Call your friends and loved ones, write down things you think are worth remembering, and try to express yourself in whatever creative facet you like. It’s crucial now more than ever to give yourself an outlet in which to release your thoughts, worries, hopes, and happiness. Please, stay healthy, and work on honing your routine during isolation in Prescott.

April 20, 2020

Prescott Homeowners and Gardening with Raised Beds


Something fun that folks can do during the quarantine to bring new life into the world is plant a garden. Raised garden beds are an excellent solution to those who don’t have unending space to plant their flowers, herbs, and veggies. Planting a garden during this time can be therapeutic, teaches children a lesson in botany, caring, and patience, and not to mention can lead to self-sufficiency in growing your own food.


Raising the Bar


A raised gardening bed is a plot of soil that is contained by a perimeter of lumber, planks, concrete, bricks, or 2x4s. That the bed is contained allows you to layer in additional inches of topsoil, enhancing and raising the crops. Regardless of the materials you use to construct your gardening bed, the main takeaway should be that it is durable. If you’re worried about chemicals from the wood mixing in with your soil, it’s recommended that you stain or seal the wood before erecting the gardening bed.


Beginning the Process


When filling in the bed, tilling the ground soil is an essential step before you add in the top layer. Once you’ve added the topsoil, the steps repeat intermittently with raking the soils together to blend and adding more until you’ve reached your desired outcome. Many gardeners suggest letting the soil settle before planting by generously watering the area. Next up is to plant your seeds! Tending to your raised garden bed is nearly the same as any other, making sure to water, pull weeds, and maintain pest control. You may notice that your raised garden bed contains softer soil and may need to be watered more frequently.


The Way of Right Now


Building and preserving a raised garden bed in your Prescott home can lead to better crops thanks to the quality of soil, surroundings, and care. With dedicated upkeep, you’ll become a tried and true gardener with homegrown crops ready for harvesting in the coming months. Good Luck! If you have any questions regarding the Prescott community, please reach out.  

April 16, 2020

Spring Cleaning Your Prescott Home

As we’re in the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, we all find ourselves going a little nuts. While some of us love staying home and would choose to do so over just about anything, being mandated to stay put feels less dreamy. With Spring 2020 in full swing in Prescott, here are some of our Spring cleaning to-dos.


Start from the Outside In


Power washing parts of your home can be incredibly satisfying. Give your exterior walls, the driveway and porch, picnic tables, and tires a good rinse with a power washing machine, either purchased or rented. Washing windows isn’t as drab as it sounds, and it only takes five minutes- just make sure to get both sides along with window screens!


Get Your Mind in the Gutters


Some view cleaning the gutters as an Autumn-only chore, but it’s actually best to do this twice a year, in Spring and Fall. Checking Smoke detectors every six months is imperative, as well, so changing the batteries the same days you do your gutters can become a great duo to keep you on schedule. As we enjoy the fresh, clean air and the delightful breeze through our open windows, we can be reminded to test our air conditioners. Cleaning the AC and changing the filters throughout the house, along with a test run, are perfect Spring tasks to ensure things will run smoothly when it counts during summer.


Deep Cleaning Our Insides


As far as furniture like our living room couches, sofas, and recliners goes, seemingly nothing is used more frequently by more people. Deep cleaning these surfaces with a toxic-free solution or by steaming the fabrics can change the whole room by releasing ground in stains and smells. If you feel like it, the car seats could probably also use a steam!


Dig Deep, Deep Clean


Spring cleaning can be so much more than just the typical vacuuming, wiping down surfaces, and washing linens. Have fun staying safe at home, and enjoy our tips on Spring Cleaning in Prescott.

April 13, 2020

Entertaining the Whole Family From Your Prescott Home


It seems that in the first third of 2020, every part of our daily lives is being challenged by COVID-19. From the big harsh realities of health crises and personal and global economic uncertainty, to the small of becoming full-time parents, teachers, chefs, and more while navigating the waters of staying safe at home, we are in new territory. While the essential workers, medical officials, and government employees work each day to handle the virus, we do our part by staying home, which has quickly become bleak for many households. Here are some of our suggestions on how to keep the whole family entertained, busy, and engaged during this time.


The Digital Dream


Now is the perfect time to host a family (or friends) reunion, and with conference apps that allow multiple people to chat at once like Zoom and Zoo Room, it has never been easier to get the crew "together." Another excellent use of the internet at this point would be by supporting local businesses like zoos and museums via virtual tours; after all, catching a glimpse of a big cat or monkey can liven up a mundane weekday during the quarantine.


Media: Traditional VS Contemporary


Spending time together with your kids, siblings, or roommates is often best done around the tv. Taking turns picking a movie to watch or a tv show to binge allows everyone's voice to be heard while each member remains engaged in the quality time, laughing at a comedy or picking up the magnifying glass alongside a new favorite tv sleuth. Podcasting has grown as a platform over the years and is considered king nowadays. The lockdown is the perfect time to catch up on a podcast you've been missing or take a recommendation to expand your interests.


Always Be Learning


Now is the perfect time to start reading the books on your shelf that have been gathering dust over the years, either in solace or in a group as part of a book club so you can discuss ideas, twists and turns, and metaphors. While you're safe inside, you can take up hobbies you've been meaning to for years. Thanks to the internet, nothing is far-fetched to learn, from gardening, woodworking, quilting, baking, and more, the options are literally endless.



Growing Together


Even though the circumstances for this time at home are the opposite of ideal, we can use this time to become better versions of ourselves; versions who have come out of a crisis still going, still united with our loved ones, perhaps even with a new skill under our belts. Please stay safe and continue following government guidelines.

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April 9, 2020

Staying Connected Via Technology in Prescott 2020


Like the rest of the world, Prescott as been affected by the COVID-19 viral pandemic. Along with supporting our small-town businesses, it is imperative we stay connected with our loved ones while we’re traversing these uncertain times. Luckily, in April 2020, we have several options in which to communicate with one another either through our phones, over the internet, through social media, and through video chatting apps.


Finding Each Other Through VoIP


VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is an excellent and user-friendly solution to missing our friends and family. Through VoIP systems, loved ones can call one another over the internet, using home computers or laptops as well as apps on smartphones. After an explanation of how it works and what to do, this is an accessible option for seniors looking to stay in touch.


Call Me on Your Video Phone


Video chatting for work or to keep in touch with family and friends is one of the best ways to see each other during the pandemic. Companies like Zoom, Zoo Room, and GoToMeeting are just some of the entities working for us, to make sure we can talk to each other as a conference in groups in this time of need. Oldies but goodies like Skype and FaceTime are perfect for one-on-one video calls.


Strengthening Our Community


We’re finding that more and more places are conducting “virtual vacations” or virtual tours, including zoos and museums. This is an easy activity that will take time out of the day and interest the whole household, definitely something worth looking into. Another community-driven effort to stay in touch can be found on social media. Head to your preferred social media platform to see if a dedicated group for your neighborhood or community has been created, and if not, be the change you wish to see in the world and create it and start inviting people to join.


United, We Stay at Home


Staying home and safe is the best we can do for our communities and the world, it’s a simple, lifesaving measure to be taken seriously. That said, it can be challenging to feel stuck and secluded, so staying up to date with those you care about is just as important as the act of staying home. We are so fortunate to live in the age of technology where we have these modern availabilities at our fingertips, so let’s utilize them.

April 6, 2020

Prescott Homes and the DIY

Throughout the “Stay at Home” portion of the COVID-19 pandemic, Prescott residents are finding themselves bitten by the creativity bug. The urge to create, build, and craft DIY projects is one to follow, but before we dive in, we need to ensure we have all the necessary implements. Checking our space for these items takes just a moment, and since running out to the store to pick something up isn’t a viable option, we should know what we need in advance so we have time to order any missing pieces.


The Essentials


Some of the more common tools do-it-yourself projects require across the board include things like tape, wood glue and super glue, lubricants, sandpaper, various paints, extra rags, and cleaning products. Most of these things can be found around the house already as cemented must-haves for moments in time just like this.


A Nail for Every Hammer


A few of the most used tools during DIYs are the most common tools in any box- your nails, screws, hammers, mallets, screwdrivers, and drills. Wrenches, handsaws, and measuring tape are other go-to’s for more immersive projects.


Indoor/Outdoor DIY-ing


Innumerable DIYs need a fresh coat of paint to add the finishing touch, and now is just the time to take inventory of your paintbrushes. Do you need new ones, do you have the correct sizes for future DIYs? Taking things outside, let’s look into our shovels, hoes, rakes, and tills.


Go Forth and Do It Yourself


Building a raised garden bed, a doghouse, or just doing some at-home maintenance during this time are made easier when we start prepared. Remember that taking inventory of what we have now can save us time and frustration mid-project. Whatever road your creativity leads you down, have fun and stay safe.

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